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Alligator Loki Dog Costume

Alligator Loki Dog Costume

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Be a little devilish and Dress your pet up as Marvel's Alligator Loki. The outfit comes straight from the designs seen in Marvel and includes everything you need to transform yourself. If your Pet Costume ever gets stained, be sure to Hand wash with cold water by hand. The Green, Gold, Printed Soft Polyester Marvel Pet Costume from the TV Show is just what you need to showcase your unique style!


Size         Length       Chest        Weight      Example Breed

Small      10"-13"       14"-18"   11-25lbs      Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier

Med        14"-14"       16"-23"   25-40lbs      Corgi, Maltese, French Bulldog

Large       18"-21"       18"25"    40-70lbs      Australian Shepherd, Border Collie

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